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we're going to be looking at the bohemian trend I think when one thinks about bohemian they generally associate it with exotic locations and festival dressing. We are going to show you just how versatile it really is yeah and timeless people tend to think.

Many think bohemian is summer but actually there's many ways you can actually leave that style in winter as well so we are going to address now how you tackle a bohemian look of beauty the great thing about a punch is that it has at the same time that throw on very easy aspect to it but it also adds a very dramatic effect what makes it bohemian with detail of  the embroidery and the colors.

here I'm wearing it with a jeans and then works with some simple flats now I've

obviously worked my look for a cooler weather and I think like your fringe texture is an immediate entry way into the bohemian mood. This exact look can be found on Boho Chic Clothing. Try this look here:



 but surely it's just one option there's also this great wool and oversized sweater. it's the texture and the pattern that give an immediate bohemian attitude.

 For more layers can add this coat with heavy texture which can be paired with the embroidered dress, and boots. Add some sheer leggings or fleece ones!

 what really pulls any winter bohemian outfit together are these Embroidered Ankle Boots:


 It just feels that much more bohemian and a little bit retro rock-and-roll.

 We are also going to address how you can work a bohemian look for a more City vibe. The off duty look, with your personally plays with a bohemian trend and you may accessories it with a touch like:


These bohemian earrings and bracelet simple accessories give it any outfit the boho vibe it craves.

When you think office, you have a tendency to think the basic things, like importance of the heel

especially during the day for a dynamic woman is everything so you approve to the “ideal” look.

But you could also play with this for example, picking an embroidered blouse and then wear it with another type of leather skirt so that each element of fabric speaks for itself.


You can dress all these for chillier weather with crochet detail nods to the bohemian attitude but the shirt itself is a very classic shape pants by Boho Chic Clothing they have a sort of 70s feel yet they're still quite sophisticated. These bohemian styles also works after dark!

Here is also a long-sleeve maxi length dress, and the great thing about this one is that actually could work with winter and summer. Can wear it with jeans in the winter and no pants in summer! Comes in three different colors and can be worn for any season!


The flow of and embroidery of this dress makes it feel that much bohemian. This maxi length in the evening looks just as stunning. it's really one of the defining features of the trend. the shape is

quite elegant yeah but nothing really says folk more than a peasant blouse I love the bottom with adjustable slit. Embroidered shoulder and under bust detail add a little bit of body curve appeal to an otherwise very covered. It is an essential bohemian trend and one that we hope you'll try bohemian means flexibility it's a versatile style that you can use both at night but during the day in warm weather in colder climates and it's here to stay and it's here to stay!






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    love this blog! such good insight on how to dress for winter!

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