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The dream of a Boho Chic is to live free and die free of all fashion trends. Too busy to live life to the full us to care or even consider dressing up in the latest trends. The boho Chic is unstoppable feminine-based, free spirit and not afraid to show who she is and how she wants to live.

The Boho Chic Clothing brand to shop to spruce up your wardrobe and make for some lively fashion fits for Fall! From bold prints to chic figure flattering forms, we are loving the electricity that this brand is bringing to the colder seasons. Forget your typical fall sweaters and jeans and check out these refreshingly hip styles to be a style queen of the season! While the models pictured here look way younger than 50, these styles are made for women of all age! Everyone will surely be asking where you discovered these fabulous fall pieces! 

'Boho Chic' do you know it's a style that emerged in England before spreading across Europe and United States, starting around 2004, and is often associated with such fashions and entertainment icons and Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.




Kate Moss in Boho Style 


Sienna Miller in Boho Chic Dress


'Boho' is abbreviation of bohemian referring to the 19th century French artists and intellectuals who lived for the moment, and then precious economic conditions. The word soon became synonyms with non-conformist lifestyle, free from habits and conventions, and it has proudly and romantically been adopted but many students and intellectual intellectual of every era. 




The concept is also related to the style of dress made out of apparently random combinations of secondhand clothing, handcrafted, low cost ornaments, soft, wild hair styles, and flowing, come comfortable lines. 


In the 1960s it was often associated with the hippie or gypsy style (the iconic image of Talitha Getty at sunset on a rooftop in Morocco in timeless in its chic), But but hole is also characterized by its market attention to art in all its many test Tatian's, from literature to music to the figurative arts.

Talitha Getty at sunset on a rooftop in Morocco


The hippie chic look in the 21st-century may have first appeared on supermodel Que Mas but it did not become popular until 2004 when an actress Sienna Miller who had already posed wearing the style for a few photograph chose to wear it to the Glastonbury Festival. 


Sienna Miller at Glastonbury Festival.


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